About Poncho Artwear

Introducing the fun fashion accessory. WEAR YOUR ART!



From a silly daydream to a reality. Imagine an artist nicknamed “Poncho” joking around with some artist friends in a restaurant about designing a line of ponchos featuring his art. Everyone laughed. This chance meeting propelled Larry Poncho Brown to embark on the prospect of creating his very first clothing line. After years of consideration, the artist began searching for a means of reproducing his vision. After months of research and sending sketches across the US, he stumbled across a company in South Carolina that could create prototypes of his concept. The results were stunning….his artist friends stopped laughing. NEVER GIVE ANYONE POWER OVER YOUR VISIONS.


Poncho Artwear can be worn as a poncho, a wrap, a skirt, a dress, a head wrap, or when you aren’t wearing it…a throw. WEARever your imagination leads you. One poncho can be worn over 10 different ways. Less is the new more! BE beautiful, BE warm, Be stylish and BEcome a walking work of art.

The perfect unisex fun fashion accessory. These timeless “Ponchos” were created with a celebration of culture and diversity in mind. Each poncho is inspired from some of the most striking images created by artist Larry “Poncho” Brown.

Make a statement wherever you wear any of these creations. If you can’t handle attention, this may be the wrong product for you! You will surely receive many inquires. So don’t just hang your art at home…. WEAR YOUR ART!

Rectangular shaped ponchos measure 52″ x 60″, triangular shaped ponchos measure 52″ x 52″, and shawls measure 23″ x 103″. One size fits all. All are made of 100% woven cotton tapestry and made in the U.S.A. Each features the renowned signature of “Poncho”. Sure to be a conversation piece!!